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If each anabolic steroid had its own slogan, it would definitely be the shortest for Anadroxyl- “Extreme!”. And this means that everything is extreme for it - results, side effects, and extremely short terms for the manifestation of both. But let's look at some history to better understand where this anabolic steroid came from.

Anadroxyl History

Oxymetholone is better known among Western athletes as Anadrol or “A-bombs”, which is very illustrative. Anadrol was first developed by pharmaceutical company Syntex in the 1960s. Its original purpose was the treatment of various diseases in the role of a medical drug. But the moment came when the use of anadrol began to cause more harm than beneficial effects, safer drugs were developed for treating these ailments.

This made the production of Anadrol an unprofitable enterprise, and gradually all the pharmaceutical companies involved in the release of oxymetholone ceased production of this substance. However, at the end of the 90s, it was recognized that, when properly used, Anadrol is an effective treatment for the depletion syndrome caused by the human immunodeficiency virus and its production was resumed. It was very good news for athletes and bodybuilders, since oxymetholone is one of the most powerful androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) in the world, and perhaps even the most powerful.

What is Anadroxyl

Oxymetholone is a derivative of dehydrotestosterone (DHT), therefore, it cannot be converted into estrogen. However, unlike other steroids from the DHT class, due to some minor changes in the chemical structure, Anadroxyl can increase, and in fact increases, the bulk muscle mass. This substance has no progestin activity, which, theoretically, should prevent the manifestation of estrogenic side effects. Also, it does not have any significant androgenic binding affinity.

Anadroxyl is a steroid intended for oral administration, so there is a 17-alpha-alkyd (17aa) group in its structure that helps it maintain integrity when passing through the liver, and therefore is better absorbed into the system. Therefore, as with all steroids from 17aa category, it is necessary to take measures to protect liver, while taking oxymetholone, by using drugs such as N2Guard.

Anadroxyl Uses

Like Oxandroxyl, Anadroxyl was prescribed to children to stimulate growth, in cases of osteoporosis and exhaustion syndromes of various origins. Due to its incredible ability to significantly increase the number of red blood cells in the blood, Oxymetholone was one of the main drugs in the treatment of severe cases of anemia. Anadroxyl was used to treat these diseases until the medical community realized that its side effects sometimes did more harm than the disease itself.

Currently, many would consider it crazy to treat children with this androgenic anabolic steroid (AAS), but at that time there were few alternative options, and probably not all was known about the side effects of Anadroxyl.

As for the sport, for those who are looking for a very fast and tangible increase in muscle mass, the positive results of Anadroxyl outweigh its side effects. Very often you can hear comparisons like: "Anadroxyl is three times more anabolic than testosterone" or "Compared to Dianoxyl, Anadroxyl gives twice the volume of muscle mass." In the case of most anabolic steroids, such comparisons are meaningless, since the results of using steroids cannot be objectively measured, and any estimates are purely subjective. However, when it comes to Oxymetholone, no comparison is an exaggeration - it is actually more powerful than anything else.

Of all the anabolic steroids available today, Anadroxyl is the most powerful with the reserve. This means that if you want a volumetric and fluffy mass, Anadroxyl should be your number one choice. Unlike most derivatives of dehydrotestosterone, Oxymetholone does not give relief and dried muscles. What it gives is an extreme volume, coupled with extreme force.

That is why it is preferred by athletes competing in those sports where power and weight are in priority (for example, powerlifting). Those competing in weight categories tend to lean towards anabolic steroids like Stanoxyl or Oxandroxyl. The same applies to bodybuilders who need more prominent muscle mass, and avoid muscle pomp. Despite this, there are bodybuilders who use Anadroxyl in combination with other steroids to add a little stiffness to their muscles.

Cycle and Stacking

Since Anadroxyl requires special precautions to deal with side effects, it is recommended for more experienced athletes. Moreover, you need to know how to cope with incredibly fast and huge muscle growth. One of the problems that may arise is the possibility of serious injuries to the binding tissue. Despite the fact that Anadroxyl causes the muscles to grow quickly, it does not strengthen the ligaments. The ligaments take more time to adapt to the increased load from the fact that the muscles lift significantly more weight than usual. Although puffiness partially solves this problem through additional lubrication of the binding tissues, special attention should be paid to this issue.

Carefully planned post-cycle therapy (PCT) is simply necessary with the consumption of Anadroxyl. First of all, we must remember that a significant part of the mass gained with Anadroxyl is water that is retained in the body, and as soon as the cycle is completed a lot of mass will be lost along with the water. Although it is a minor health problem, it is significant for the results, because all athletes want to keep as much as possible of their weight.

The problem is more related to health and safety is the natural production of testosterone. When planning PCT for Anadroxyl, you must be very careful about the restoration of natural testosterone production, for which you can include such drugs as Pregnyl HCG and Nolvaxyl in therapy.

Side Effects

As mentioned in the introduction, in addition to the extreme growth of muscle mass, Anadroxyl provokes significant side effects that quickly manifest themselves. Estrogenic abnormalities are one of the most remarkable side effects of Oxymetholone, since their origin is still a mystery to the scientific community, and should be a serious concern for those who are particularly sensitive to estrogen.

Anadroxyl does not convert into estrogen, and its progesterone activity tends to zero. So what provokes such estrogenic manifestations as puffiness, facial swelling, and gynecomastia among others? Some studies claim that Oxymetholone itself can bind to estrogen receptors unchanged in its structure, and this is precisely the cause of estrogenic manifestations. However, these statements have not yet been confirmed, and therefore this is not a generally recognized discovery. Due to the fact that Anadroxyl does not aromatize, taking estrogen inhibitors does not make sense. Instead, during the cycle, it is recommended to take selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs), such as Nolvaxyl, in order to keep the above-described estrogenic manifestations under control.

Perhaps the most pronounced side effect of Anadroxyl can be called hepatic toxicity. This is a 17-alpha alkylated steroid for oral administration, which is also taken in very high doses. Because of this, the liver suffers from the very beginning of the course, and in order to relieve the load on this organ, it is recommended to take plenty of drugs to protect the liver, such as LIV 52.

Hepatotoxicity and estrogenic side effects are just the beginning. Due to the fact that Anadroxyl exhibits significant androgenic activity, acne is one of the most frequent androgenic side effects. Sometimes it is so strongly expressed that it requires medical treatment to keep it under control. Those who have a predisposition for baldness should think twice before taking Anadroxyl. All this means that for women taking Anadroxyl is a very risky venture, since the symptoms of masculinization can be very serious and irreversible.


According to various sources, the half-life of Anadroxyl is between 9 and 15 hours. Despite the fact that some athletes take it once a day, the best results are usually achieved when taking is divided into twice a day (morning and evening), which is most likely due to more stable levels of Oxymetholone in the blood with this distribution.

Usage and Dosage

As mentioned before, Anadroxyl is a terrific steroid for weight gain, and accordingly it is used during bulking phases.

If you are looking for a slightly more prominent musculature, Stanoxyl or Oxandroxyl are the most optimal steroids for combining with Anadroxyl - with them you can build more rigid muscles with fewer side effects. But at the same time, they will not be able to give such a radical growth in a very short time.

Oxymetholone is available only in tablets of 50 milligrams (whence one of its popular names, A-50), and the dosage ranges from 1 to 3 tablets per day (50-150 mg). Most bodybuilders need 50 mg (i.e., one tablet) per day to achieve outstanding results. Therefore, doses of more than 100 mg per day are a bit excessive.

Due to the incredible rate of muscle growth with Anadroxyl, and its strong hepatotoxicity, the course of administration should not last more than 6 weeks. The recommended cycle duration is four weeks, since taking Anadroxyl for more than six weeks can result in possible liver damage.


Of course, Anadroxyl is the most powerful anabolic steroid available today, which makes it very popular among athletes who want to get the ultimate power and weight. As a result of puffiness, it gives the athlete a very lush and massive look. But at the same time, it contributes to the manifestation of a large number of side effects, which requires a very careful selection of additional drugs and well-planned post-cycle therapy. Among the side effects of Anadroxyl are edema, swelling of the face, increased blood pressure, androgenic activity and severe hepatotoxicity. This is a very powerful AAS that requires experience and good planning to achieve good and long-term results.